Becoming a Brkn Babe

 I was sitting in an airport last summer between a flight from Paris and a flight to meet the Ambassador to Afghanistan at his embassy in Washington D.C. If I was ever going to be spontaneous the time was now. I was contacted by a bikini company called Brkn Img. Buying just one bikini saves 5 milk jugs, which is their main sales gimmick. They found me on Insta and offered me a position as an ambassador. They’re called “Brkn Babes” (sleazy right?), and all I had to do was accept my free bikini bottoms, and promote the eco-friednly company with my promo code and cute photos. It seemed easy, way too easy. A year ago I would have said no because this is how creepy old men look at half naked women and sell over priced products. However, I did something I never did, and decided to be spontaneous.
I was, and still am, an extremely shy person and never would have made a spontaneous decision. I wasn’t the type of girl who would talk to strangers or go out on my own, and I was constantly afraid of being judged. What if my body didn’t look good enough in the bikini? What if people judged me for this? What if it definitely was a scam? I threw all of that out the window in that airport. The only time I will ever have to be young, fun, and spontaneous is now.
I am in no way advocating bad decisions. but talk to the stranger in line, wear the damn bikini, go out when you can, and don’t be afraid to live life spontaneously. I made a spontaneous decision and I ended up at an all expense paid conference in D.C. and watching the Paris Ballet perform at the Royal Opera House. Between cooking school in Paris, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, getting mugged on a subway, studying nuclear power in D.C., and becoming an ambassador for Brkn Img, I have learned that the best time to do anything is always NOW. My favorite memories are the things I did just for the heck of it because I could. I wish I could say I had regrets, but I frankly don’t have any. Any event I could change in my life, would fundamentally change who I am as a person. Take every chance you get in life no matter how crazy it seems. I honestly never thought I’d be where I am today- a world traveler with leadership positions and in an SGA election- but here I am.
P.S. If anyone is interested in working for Brkn, please contact me. They are always looking for fun girls to represent their wonderful product!
You can also use my promo code: brknqueen for 40% your order!
Also, thank you to Monica Ortiz for taking a billion photos of me to get me started. She is a super talented photographer.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Brkn Babe

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  1. hey!
    I read your blog and I am so interested in becoming a brkn babe, I think it would be an incredible and fun experience. Im always looking for ways to promote brands and id love to be a part of the team!
    If possible Id like to know the next steps in becoming a babe, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    1. Thanks so much! If you’ll reach out to brknimg on Insta and tell them that Jordin Pettit referred you, they’ll check out your social media and go from there. Best of luck!


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