Creating a Bold Resume

I get complimented a lot on the aesthetics of my resume. So I thought I’d share how I designed my resume and matching letter head!
Do you ever feel like your resume is just super bland? I do! For public relations, we have to be a little more creative in our resumes, and doing it on word wasn’t really cutting it for me. I know what you’re about to say, “Resumes should be simple and there is absolutely no need to design them.” I’m not saying include some fluffy garbage, but using something other than Times New Roman 12pt. and adding some clean lines can really help you stand out.
So for starters I do all of my resume building on Canva. Its completely free and online. It is literally so easy I taught my mom to use it.
When you log in, you’ll see a couple normal presets and you should see an option to see more templates. Click that, and scroll down until you find the resume templates.
Most of their resume templates are a tad too “fluffy”, but just find one with elements you like and go from there. Once you have a template picked out, you can start moving things around. You can also change the colors of anything, make the margins smaller, change the text and font size, etc. A lot of them also have a spot for a picture of yourself, but you can just delete the image placeholder, so don’t limit yourself to designs that aren’t exactly what you want.
Basically, I found one I semi-liked, and then changed all the colors, made the headings a little smaller, and made it more professional. Then, I just deleted everything off of it and kept the header to create the letterhead for my cover letters etc. Here’s a couple tips for designing on Canva:
  1. Don’t zoom in on your computer, always use the zoom arrows on the bottom right of the screen. For some reason Canva HATES it when I zoom in on my keypad (you’ll get what I’m talking about if you have a mac).
  2. Take your time. Sometimes getting everything where you want it and laid out the way you want it, especially if you are new at it. Don’t freak out.
  3. Use arrow keys to move smaller elements around. Sometimes Canva will not let you just barely move something over (play with it and you’ll see what I mean). But if you click on the boarder of the element, you can move things around very precisely using the arrow keys.
  4. Use your rulers. I’ll think I have something all lined up correctly, and then print it out and its not quite even.
  5. Everything is bigger when you print it. I cannot figure out WHY this is. But 10pt font on Canva is never that small when I print it out. If you’re looking at a design and it all seems sort of smushed together and small, download it as a PDF and you’ll be surprised at how much better it looks.
**I feel like some of these tips are hard to explain if you aren’t using it. If you have questions I am more than happy to help you get started!
I’ve also included a sample of my resume and cover letter. They’re the same ones I used to apply to law schools and secure some amazing internships, so hopefully they work for you as well.

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  1. Thank you for this! I just found your blog and I’m super thankful for this post! I always feel like I struggle with my resume and cover letter.


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