Books to Read Before Law School

Are you a psycho that felt the need to read a lot of “legal” books before law school? Yeah, same. This is sort of an unnecessary task and I don’t recommend it. You’re literally about to read 8 hours a day and hate all of it. If I were you I’d catch up on some Netflix shows you’ve been meaning to watch because you won’t have time for that again.
However, I’m guessing you are a type A psycho like me, so, if you are going to read before law school here are some of my top picks:
1.) Sisters In Law by Linda Hirshman: This book is about Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s friendship on the Supreme Court and how they found solidarity in each other as women. They obviously didn’t always agree, but they still supported each other. I really love this book because I wish things were less polarized and people were able to reach across the aisle like these two justices did. Also, these two women are literal baddies, so any story about them is amazing.
2.) In My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg: This book is AMAZING. RBG is such a powerful role model. Reading her life’s story makes me really look and examine my choices and how I can emulate that same confidence in my own life. I think it is really hard to be a woman in this field and this book really helps me quell some of those anxieties.
3.) Illusion of Justice by Jerome Buting: This book is written by one of the attorney’s in the Stephen Avery trial that is featured on Making a Murderer. I actually didnt get into the Netflix series and gave up after a couple episodes, but I really enjoyed the book! It is written from the lawyers perspective and it was really enlightening to see how frustrating it is from a lawyers point of view. I’m not really interested in criminal law, but I think it’s important to be aware of the injustices that occur in criminal law, which this book really highlights.
4.) The Legal Analyst by Ward Farnsworth: So if you’re like me and think expensive/frivolous litigation is a WASTE than you’ll love this book. This book talks about the economics of law and discusses sort of a policy rationale for deciding cases. I can’t even describe it particularly well, but it is such a good read.
BONUS: because you should read at least one fun book
Tell the Wolves I’m Home: The book centers around June Elbus reeling over the death of her gay uncle who died of aids in the 80’s. It’s definitely a coming of age story that is both nostalgic and relevant to today. I don’t want to give away more than that, but seriously the book gave me chills.
If you want to take my earlier suggestion and just watch Netflix, I got you. Check back for my next post on Netflix Binges. Or, if you just want fun reads, check out an older post with some of my all time favorite novels. 

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