A Timeline for Studying for Civ Pro

Ah, Civil Procedure. Fondly known as Civ Pro. Or the thing that is ruining my life.


I bet you thought this was going to be an educational post, another type-a, excessive way to study, and update to the infamous Binder System. Man I wish…


No, this is just my lack of sleep coming to roost in my blog- thanks for watching my slow spiral into insanity. So here is a timeline of how you’ll probably feel studying for civ pro.


1.) Learning the rules: okay, okay, this isn’t that bad right? tumblr_m0ooxnqRUQ1qmxcc6o4_250


2.) Oh, so theres an exception to this rule?



3.) Finally compiling all my rules into my outline



4.) Trying to memorize all the rules



5.) The night before the midterm/final- 7:00 p.m



6.) 2:00 a.m.



7.) When your friend asks how you did UggJvEY


8.) But it’s okay because…



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