1L Year: Midsemester Recap

So I have officially been in law school for a little over half a semester and am taking fall break to reflect on law school so far. I’ve taken midterms in all my classes and have turned in my first big writing assignment. Here are some key takeaways from the first part of 1L:
  • Gunners: Pay no heed to the people that think they know everything. There are going to be a lot of people in law school that will go out of their way to seem like they know everything. It generally made me feel sort of inadequate and question myself. I did not feel confident coming out of midterms, but two different “gunners” I’m friends with were sure they killed it. I did better than both of them. Don’t let people make you feel inadequate. Chances are you’re doing fine.


  • Midterm Grades: they (probably) dont matter because they count for so little. The fact that I did better than some people, and worse than some people, is so trivial to the final grade. They’re really just to gage study habits so don’t work yourself up about them.


  • Privacy: Keep your cards close to your vest. I’m not really the strategic person that speculates over other’s grades and freaks out over rankings (yet). But people definitely do talk about other people’s grades. I really think the hardest part about law school is worrying about what people are saying about you because people definitely do gossip. I really hate being talked about— good or bad— so I’ve not told anyone what I have made on any given assignment. Also, the only people that will bug you about your grade are the really strategic gunners. The only thing they will hate more than finding out you did better than them, is you not telling them either way. Just mind your dang business and you’ll be fine.


  • Focus on yourself: going back to the previous point, people will get really crazy about comparing themselves to others and comparing people in their class. It is so easy to look at someone else study habits and think you aren’t doing enough or doing it the right way. Letting yourself get caught up in the rat race is the quickest way to becoming a rat.
If i could sum this whole thing up into one sentence I’d say this: Do your own thing, because the people that win the rat race, are rats. So good luck – it’s going to be fine!
But stay tuned because my next post will have some more helpful tips on how to tackle the issues in this post!

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