1L Year: Semester Recap

I sort of abandoned my blog at mid semester: I wrote my memo and then finals hit and then I had to nap for a couple weeks…. But I’m finally back! I just wanted to hit on some of the main points from my first semester of law school:
1. Get Involved: this was a great way to get involved with the law school, get pro bono hours, and meet new people. It’s also important because it can get you access to 2Ls who can help you and something to add to your resume if lacking. Bonus, most lunch meetings have free pizza
2. Take Advantage of Resources: I NEVER went to the career services office in undergrad because they weren’t particularly helpful, but it is a whole different ball game in law school. I spent close to an hour with an advisor and we talked about my resume, cover letter, getting recs, how to start applications, how to find jobs, etc. It was amazing. On that note, I never used a research librarian in undergrad, but the ones at my law school were amazing. I wasn’t finding what I needed for a memo and a librarian helped me narrow search terms and read case notes to find better cases. Your librarians can also point you in the direction of good supplements and flash cards, which I highly recommend. Most schools also have Lexis trainings, which I highly recommend. They aren’t always the most helpful, but I always get free lunch and one time I got a retractable laptop camera cover- worth it.
3. Use Supplements EARLY: Some professors are so specific that a supplement is not necessarily effective. (In these instances, I recommend trying to “create a supplement” because a commercial supplement might confuse you more). However, some of them were really helpful. I had a couple that I went through all semester and when I had questions I could ask my professors early instead of waiting until their office hours were crowded at the end.
4. Start outlining early: If you start your outlines early, then you have more time at the end to go through practice problems, study supplements, or make other outlines. For example, the most helpful thing I had going into my exams were “rules statements”, which were concise statements I could use on the exam. I wouldn’t have had time to make these had I waited to do my outlines at the last minute.
5. Remember You GET TO Go to Law School: it gets really stressful, and I’ll admit I was a tad negative in my last post, but you have to keep the mindset that you’re so lucky to be there. Mindset is everything in law school.
Hope you had a great 1L semester! If things didn’t turn out as well as you expected, have no fear and check out my binder system! 

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