Fave Law School Supplies

I’ve written multiple times about my severe (read: psychotic) commitment to organization. As someone who is meticulous about their organization, do you think I could buy any brand of office supplies? Obviously not.
Here are my personal favorites for law school:
  • Steadleter pens: its like a fine tip/ballpoint/felt pen had a baby. They make my handwriting look SO good, don’t bleed or smudge,  are so smooth, and last forever. I think they’re pretty good for writing in the margins because the tip is small but they’re very bright. I also really like them if you’re into bullet journalling or that type of thing.
  • Highlighters: I see so many people recommend the Sharpie Liquid Highlighters and I cannot stand them. They’re probably the brightest and pigmented highlighters you can get (honestly they’re pretty great) but they smudge everywhere on the slick casebook pages. Literally, the sides of my hands were covered with highlighter ink after reading. I switched to these and they’re still pretty bright and come in enough colors, but aren’t so smudgey.
  • Planner: Having a great planner is extremely important. I’m pretty particular about the kind I like, but I don’t think it matters what you get so long as you buy it and keep up with it. I’ve used Lilly, Kate Spade, Anthropologie, and Ban.do planners and thought they were all great!
  • Binders: If you’re going to use binders, use good ones. There is nothing worse than a binder that won’t open/shut or the pages get caught on. These binders are literally unparalleled. (I don’t buy new ones every semester, I just dump the old stuff and re-use them to cut down on the cost)
  • Post-It Notes: I go through these like crazy, in all sizes, but this is the only thing I’m not particular about so long as I have a lot of them.
  • Tabs: I tab a lot of my books (and my binders) and I hate when they get bent or fall off. This probably my biggest office expense, but I always buy the nice tabs so I can always find what I’m looking for.
  • Padfolio: Not gonna lie, I still have not gotten one of these, but every time I go to an interview I wish I had one. They look so professional and are super convenient.
  • A Good Backpack: I spend allll day at the law school and haul so much stuff around, that I need a comfy backpack. A cute tote just really doesn’t do it for me. I personally have a North Face Recon and its been great! I’ve had it since undergrad and taken it to Europe twice and its held up great. Some people use a rolly suitcase thing and seem to really like it. I like my backpack and the convenience of it, but the rolling suitcase is great if you have back problems.
  • Tupperware: It seems like an odd thing to need, but I’m there all day so I pack a lot of snacks. Having a lot of Tupperware that doesn’t leak has really gone a long way!

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